1. On the way back from Alpha camp there was a circular break of light amongst stretches of grey rain clouds. Last week I looked up to some unusual leaves on the trees lining the path at uni. They had multiple small holes in the green parts of the leaf, which merged until only the delicate outline of a leaf remained. Not unlike a skeleton without flesh. (Actually they were dying leaves but looked quite pretty.) At these times, and at times in the past when I used to walk my dog while gazing around, I start to appreciate God as the ultimate artist.

I usually draw with pencils. The product would be a grey or blue sketch. With coloured pencils or with Photoshop I can colour the picture with any shade I desire. When I want to do something different, I might even animate the drawing.

God creates in 3D, and on a much larger scale/canvas, although he also operates microscopically and isn't limited by the square of a pixel. The clouds, leaves, everything, is a symphony of animations, constantly moving, changing and growing. The artist also added senses of smell, touch, sound, taste. And while I draw what I see, I suppose creation was purely from his imagination.

I noticed that I write a lot more about my thoughts than my life. Well, the next 2 are about my life.

2. I slept to my heart's content at camp :) and recovered from my flu. Apparently I'm like a koala: sleep, eat, sleep, eat. I just want to mention how I love sleeping, especially in M. Snuggling in my blankets, next to my two soft pillows is so comfortable. I study on my bed and never use the desk chair. In fact, I'm typing on my bed now.

3. It's been cold. Which makes me more sleepy than usual...

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