Thinking about Christmas

I thought more about Christmas this year. Is it a time to eat drink and be merry? Receive mounds of presents?

Each year we have this habit (obsession?) to write many cards, prepare many presents. How come offering presents and focusing on others can become a distraction?

Christmas is about Christ. About the creator, our indescrible and uncontainable God humbling himself to be in flesh and blood, to live amongst us, to show us a way to life. This is the reason for our rejoicing, our celebrations, our show of love for each other is centred upon.

This year, for myself, I realised giving presents to family is sufficient. To encourage closer friends to remember God in the midst of the festivities.

Op shops

I love the $1 christmas sales, what a bargain!

As younger kids in high school we were like 'eww, old clothes'. Or, the more expensive the more trendy. But I guess when you're more comfortable with yourself, care less about other people's styles and trends, op shops are good places to shop!

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