Christmas eve

Let's use the picture pastor illustrated in the sermon on Sunday. A house at night, crowded with people, loud music pumping, everyone laughing and having a good time celebrating Christmas. Chilling, snow and darkness outside, with Jesus knocking on the door and no one being able to hear him. Celebrating Jesus' birthday but not inviting him in.

You kind of wonder, what are non-Christians celebrating? A public holiday, a reason to get drunk and party? Santa and his reindeers? The mistletoe, the bright lights, the trees, stars, bells? I don't understand why people sing "Joy to the World" or "Silent Night" if they don't agree with the truth of the lyrics. It's easier to understand if I think about why festivals are celebrated at all. A time to exchange gifts, enjoy the colourful culture and traditions, gather with family and friends, to love and feel loved.

Christmas has changed for me over the years. I really enjoyed making the decoration, doing the activity sheets, the colourful hats and the performances of kids songs when I was in primary school. Oh yes, most of all... the gifts! In high school I loved the food (woohoo dinners and restaurants galore), Christmas shopping with mum's money, writing and receiving cards from my friends. Now? Not sure. Feels like there isn't all the pre Christmas preparation / hype, and that it just comes so suddenly.



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