Is absolute, at least during our time on Earth. With long lost friends, there is the opportunity of reuniting with them somewhere, someday. With broken friendships, there is that possibility for repair, and at least the comfort of knowing their existence through mutual friends. Death though, means that your connection with that person has been cut permanently. And depending on your beliefs, you can wish that they can still hear you in heaven, that they are watching over you, or that you can reach them through some medium or spirit... but really, we know that they've crossed over to where we cannot follow (yet).

Death is powerful, confronting; and just when you think you've forgotten, it can tug at heartstrings you forgot you had.

It's sad to be reminded of your death by the family that you've left behind. But I think I want to remember. Remember your goodness, enthusiasm, fun and care. It's a pity I never got to tell you about my life at uni, about med, that I won't get to talk to you as an adult and as a friend. But I think your life has left lasting impressions, and your death has helped me to understand life better, and has brought the rest of our family closer.

Love always.



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