Med students

Are, in general, marks and exam focussed. Even very reasonable classmates can be fired up and argumentative towards the lecturers at the test review lectures. Indeed, the questions are ambiguous, and there is really not only one single correct answer. But especially in health practice, how important is it to argue about the specific use of words in an exam questioning? Or how important is it, that you recieve an extra mark in your midsemester test, when it's worth like 5% of your total grade. In the end, exams are just a tool, or motivation factor, for us to think through and attempt to grasp these topics.

Last week at "uni". A little sad, and can't believe I won't be returning to this campus to study with this group of classmates. I'm always reluctant to face changes, but this time I feel it's more or less time to move on.



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