Have you been to Facebookville General Hospital?

I recently visited Facebookville General Hospital. Wow, the myriad of doctors, nursing and other hospital staff. The types of medical staff range from junior doctors, to registrars and consultants. Across  all the departments you would expect to find in your local hospital - medicine and surgery, ED, maxillary facial, pathology and more.

With patients (eg. The Malingerer and The Frequent Attender), their relatives (The Intense Relatives) and even the Hospital Ghost! Of course, no hospital is complete without the Painfully Enthusiastic Medical Student! If you ever wanted to know what hospital politics are like, or wondered what your doctors talk about amongst themselves, what they think of you, what they think of each other, what they think of the nursing staff, midwives and so on, Facebookville General Hospital is the place to be.

A satire. A virtual hospital, which seems to be based in London.



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