Psychiatry is so strange, dealing with illnesses of the mind. A brain is tangible, but we can't even begin to understand what is the mind and how does that relate to the brain.

So, if I'm asked, what do I say tomorrow?

Sorry, I thought it would be more appropriate for me to take time to reflect on my own psychological state and attempt to stabilise that before coming in to hear and learn about the psychological suffering of others?

I'm reading the psych chapter of OHCS and came across a few interesting things:

1. "If this mirrors your own state after trudging through endless handbook pages, shut this book, and have a good holiday."

2. Preventing suicide (some of it is pretty strange) - "less: poverty & dead-end work; alcohol/drugs; isolation; sexual coersion. More: God; family caring; shared meals; justice; sexual equality; poetry."

Great, I'm glad sharing meals last semester was promoting our mental health. Yum yum.


enlightened0ne said...

:) More shared meals sounds good!


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