Mostly medical

Conversations had, or heard in the past week.

Holding on
A: so we've been learning about constipation in kids. It becomes this cycle of them holding on and not going (etc). I had a thought in the shower, you know the song "Keep Holding On"?
B: yeah? *hums*
A: keep holding on... just stay strong... there's nothing you can say, there's nothing you can do... *giggle giggle*

Self introduction
A: hi, my name is Dr A
B: hi I'm his mum, and just to clarify, I'm also the referring GP involved with this case
Students (muttering to each other): gee that's weird

Sewing techniques
A: I need to sew the button back, you know how to sew right?
B: maybe, we learnt during high school
A: I guess you can do surgical sutures, it shouldn't be too hard
B: true, so next time when I'm fixing a hole in my pants I'm going to use the simple interrupted suture
A: what, that's ridiculous! Can you imagine what that would look like when you walk out onto the street?



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