Writing about writing

"I don't understand, how can anyone write so much?"

I love writing.
Making sense of life. Sorting, shaping thoughts, feelings, views.
Stopping them from crazily and endlessly spinning in my head.
But you have to be careful with what you share with the world.
Careful not to write about people you know, offending them.
Careful not to name people, not to say too much about yourself.
Careful, so you think you are safe but maybe you are not.
Even in a convoluted way, there is depth in sharing who you are.
Never thinking, how abstract words, could surprise you.
Colliding with a mirror of your inner world, painfully. In tangible reality.
Writing to touch others, never imagining how profoundly it would touch you.
Writing about what was learnt; not seeing the start of a new lesson.
How could questions and uncertainties be so intertwined with writing.
Not knowing what to think, say. Not wanting to say anything at all.
Food was scrumptious. Blissful. Cannot hurt, or turn insane.
For a time. But sickening after a terrible evening. Hate it.
For a time, wanting to never, ever, write about it again.
So here I am again, resuming drafts on what I really love to write about.


Ziph said...

Taking notes, using post its, making lists help you stay organised, jog your memory along, keep track with things and ensure you don't forget to buy things when you go shopping.

It also helps you solve maths problems. :P

These are examples of writing to yourself. Is keeping a diary just an extension of that? You organise and reflect on your feelings. You put what you think or feel on paper and see how stupid/meaningful those thoughts were. Maybe reflection can lead to changes in cognition/behaviour lol.

But do you really share who you are with writing? I guess its like any other means of communication - just another way of sharing your feelings and thoughts.
However, you have so much power when you write. Rather than sharing the real you, you may consciously or subconsciously be projecting an image of what you want others to see you as. But I guess that's what writing is about.

Winnie said...

hey ziph, I think you can almost write a full length post yourself with each of your comments hahaha

writing down notes in class, or a shopping list, is also talking/writing to yourself, but sort of different since it actually has a practical purpose. diary or blog writing is like.. indulgent, you think and write for the sake of it. sort of like making calls to organise stuff, pay bills, or whatever, versus calling to just have long conversations, catching up on how everything is.

but yeah, maybe writing things out, and working through stuff, sometimes it isn't that different to solving a maths problem haha

and I agree, that both subconsciously and consciously you choose how you present yourself in writing. even from whether you use capital letters, casual or formal language, using shorthand or not, to your tone, to how much you omit, how much detail you go into, etc etc. what I'm saying though is sometimes you share more about who you are in writing than you do in your average conversation. whether that's the real you or not... well what is the real you anyway, didn't we talk about that the other time :P


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