For a moment

Over recent times, as I reflect on my friendships both pre uni and since uni, I've found them to be disappointing. There are good moments, good memories, and some friends are great for the period of time that they are friends, but in most, the longevity factor is just not there. Friends are fickle with the times. There is not much to be expected from them.

That thought led me to think about how relationships may in fact be necessary at some stage of your life, where you may have more depth, and stability. But love is brief, and good and perfect times are brief. I guess there is nothing to be disappointed about because that is how the relationship between two imperfect people would be. But I am disappointed. And can't imagine how any relationship can end well (or should I say, continue well).

Sure, maybe tomorrow will be a new day and an end to the bitterness. But there's always tonight when the emotional disruption halts or retards any physical or mental tasks, when peace is disrupted, when you go to bed with question marks and a heaviness that doesn't help with sleep.


Judy said...

That's why i like "恩友歌" so much!

~lina~ said...

I feel the same a lot of the times.... Haha, reminds me of that blog entry on how friends eventually move off in couples. Relationships can be the best thing in life or it can hurt and be painful at times.... Most times only time can tell and it's so sad that's the case because I'm an impatient person. Its sad high school times are over.... Close friend's are hard to find... Boyfriends can come and go.. But bf's leave and generally stay out of our lives forever! Hope you're okay... Let time handle things :)

Winnie said...

thanks halina, yeah I remembered your blog entry about people pairing up too ;)


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