Study life - day one

a) Looking at FB
b) Searching the fridge
c) Thinking about useless things
d) Feeling sad, and a bit annoyed
e) Room is getting progressively messier
f) The house is so quiet
g) It's strange not to meet people
h) No class, I thought I would love it
i) Bored, disconnected from the world
j) At least there's a cat on my lap
k) A 10 minute walk, or run
l) Feel like eating, a lot
m) Three lamb chops, yum should be full
n) Another look at the fridge
o) Two oranges, a nectarine, an apricot
p) Mmm, passionfruit yoghurt
q) Maybe I'll have some of that raspberry yoghurt too
r) A packet of Shapes
s) And some raisin toast
t) Still hungry
u) Where do I eat out tomorrow
v) Check deals, and Urbanspoon
w) Elective forms, insurance forms
x) S & S - who wants to meet up?
y) Bored, tired, the songlist is getting old, screechy
z) Sleep


Anonymous said...

Absolute classic. Thank you for posting.

Winnie said...

Haha, maybe you miss those good old days? ;)


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