Give and take

Loving others, is a blessing, and a command. That means caring for that stranger, listening to that person whether they give a hoot about you or not.

However. A one sided love is a crush, an unrequited love, rather than a real relationship. Then, what do you say of the one sided friendship? What is friendship? I would think that, by definition, it implies give and take. Of care, of listening, of encouraging.

There is a place for investing in someones life without expecting return. But I assume as humans, we also need solid, two way, mutual friendships to keep us going, through the flat, the ups, and downs of daily life.

I find that you can't expect much (I've been told that I'm demanding), especially when you have a need. When the answer is always, I'm really really busy. Sorry, instead of listening to your packed schedule, what I'm really hearing is something about your priorities (I've also been told that I should hear what is said, rather than feeling the undercurrents).

After a long day, a quick impromptu meal and chat will be great. Openly sharing "matters of the heart", without needing to describe who's who would be good. On the weekend, it would be nice to go for a short drive, explore somewhere. Being able to ask without hesitation, without wondering if the answer would be too busy, or too far, would be amazing. Not doing the asking would be better. Just knowing that the friendship is mutually sought, enjoyed and appreciate.

It's tiring. It's not that I have all the time in the world and am exempt from whatever university students worry about. And neither is it that I'm bored out of my brains and can't entertain myself. It's an offer of friendship, to spend time together. This garden doesn't seem terribly conducive for plant growing. Ooo, we were talking about Jesus' parables involving growing seeds just today, maybe I accidently plagarised the ideas.

The fourteen year old wrote:

The plant of two,

Blossoming under tender care,

The alive and ever true,

Are sadly very rare.

The seeds are planted,

With a smile and nod,

The two are enchanted,

With each growing pod.

As the plant grows,

Towards the vast sky,

A wind of sin blows,

A shrilling and ugly cry.

The two grows apart,

The plant withers dry,

They grieve in their heart,

Not wanting it to die.

The two may arise,

From their petty feud,

And grow increasingly wise,

In granting the plant food.

Other plants are buried,

Under newfound flowers,

The results are not varied,

Destroying works of hours.

Tall and lasting plants,

Succulent in loyalty,

Lovingly grants,

An envied life in royalty.



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