Note to self

Looks like I'll need to stop and ask myself this question many many times in the coming months.

Which is related to the reason why I switched my blog to private recently. It's unlikely that anyone would have the time or energy to do so; however, I'm not keen to have some snooping HR person link my identity to the blog, and read my emo entries, or my opinions about this whole process.

When I am employed, I'll write publically again. In the meantime, hopefully this helps me write more freely, yay! :)


tablecolor said...

thanks for inviting me as a reader of your blog. you write well and i always enjoy reading what you have to say. i haven't been receiving RSS feeds of your entries, but now i know why -- it's because you have gone private! (which is ok)

i'm going through Ecclesiastes at the mo so when i saw your question "what are you really chasing", i immediately thought of "after the wind", hah

Winnie said...

thanks joe, I was looking at your recent post and remembered to send an invite. I think you changed the layout of your site too? does your art skills every come into much use in your doctoring life? :)

well that's exactly right! I was thinking of ecclesiastes too when I scribbled that. I guess it's a reminder not to chase the wind, which is meaningless in the end.


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