Worst rotation

I wonder if the few weeks change my mind about that comment.

A signature for everything? There's a fine balance between having enough items in the logbook to encourage attendance, and having too many items, or needing too many criterias that pushes the focus away from self directed learning. Perhaps, instead of thinking about how we can use our weeks here to best meet our learning needs, we can spend the rest of the term thinking of creative ways to minimise attendance, master the art of forging signatures, or befriending and dating doctors and midwives to obtain legitimate signatures.

Queen Bee. I have never seen a lady (or a man) walk with their head so high, with such an arrogant strut, as if she was the queen of the birth suites.

Paediatricians were all so nice. Beyond expectations. Here, there's an unpleasant catty vibe. Too many women for teams to work together well? On the other hand, are male gynaecologists perverted? Sure there are appropriate, alturistic men in the profession. But if I was a man (sorry guys, not saying you're all like this), and sex was a bigger part of my mind, and I had perverted inclinations, and got a kick out of such examinations, this would be great. Or as my classmate pointed out, you could just be a GP specialising in pap smears.

At least the converastions are interesting.

Dr A: do you have a partner?
B: no I don't, well, not really...
Dr A: that's not really a no then, is it?
B: do you mean sexual partners?
Dr A: sexual, or emotional relationships
B: ...yes then
Dr A: do you use condoms?
B: well, I'm seeing two guys, both are married, one is faithful to his wife so we don't
Dr A: *raises eyebrows* I wouldn't take his word for it
B: and the other one sleeps around but uses condoms, so that's good


Judy said...

Queen Bee- are you talking about the midwives in the birthing suites? If yes, why the midwives give people that impression universally? Most fashinable and arrogant female staff in the hospitals until they are in the birthing beds.

Winnie said...

maybe that's what happens when too many women are together. but to be fair, I met some nice ones too.


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