Dr: how are you finding this rotation?

MS: *gives generic answer*

Dr: *asks again in slightly different wording*

MS: being a woman, the content is quite interesting, and it's nice to see people excited about their pregnancies, but the administration side of things isn't the best... perhaps I enjoyed the previous paediatrics rotation more

Dr: *probes*

MS: yes, this rotation does tend to produce quite polarised views among my coursemates, which is quite unusual for any rotation

Dr: *probes more*

MS: *talks about timetables, signing log books, interprofessional hatred etc*

Dr: why don't you bring that up to the school?

MS: I don't feel strongly about it, it's annoying but the system is functional. Are you involved in organising this rotation?

Dr: no I'm just interested, and you're the first person I've heard not give positive feedback on the women's rotation

MS: *uh, speechless*

I've heard very few people, especially from this course, making positive remarks about this rotation. I wanted to say but of course no one will actually tell you that, but stopped there. The only reason I answered, was that you asked and probed. But perhaps if I was to replay this I would hold my tongue and think of some positive words to say.

Which is basically along the same lines as what the W dean was saying in a discussion on job interviews. You didn't actually say this, but what you're really saying is that I need to take acting classes so I can learn how to be excited, enthusiastic, positive about these jobs, passionate about life. And hey, it's not true that I present the way I do because I'm a shy, reserved, quiet, Asian. It's more that I never quite feel "great!" or "FANNNTASTIC!" about medicine, or life, or anything really.(Unless you say that how I feel about life is an Asian trait, rather than a personality trait? hmm.) Does that make me a worse doctor? Maybe.

edit// After publishing the post I realised it's a bit of an inappropriate title considering the previous post, sorry.



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