Favourite paeds resources

Edit: how could I forget! I shouldn't forget to thank Wikipedia and Google Search for their invaluable contribution to my education in medical school (and beyond).

Before I delete them from the "Favourites" bar!

1. Pedscases: cases, podcasts, quizzes and MCQs. Cases were my favourite - you answer MCQ/select  options questions about what to do next and read a digestable chunk of clinical reasoning before moving to the next part.

2. Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms: there's really good paediatric ones on common conditions (constipation, cough, diarrhoea, fever etc)! Clear, concise, always the same format every podcast so it's great repetition.

3. University of Arizona - Podcasts: a few more paediatric podcasts. Less medical (but still relevant) topics such as injury prevention, interviewing adolescents.

4. The Children's Hospital at Westmead - Fact Sheets: an alternative to parent information pages from RCH.

5. RCH Clinical Practice Guidelines: last but not least. It reflects well on a hospital to provide good CPGs that are widely used. RCH does a much better job with theirs than RWH does for women's health.



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