My growing head

I have several long posts in draft that I've been thinking about. But the inspiration to write came like a wave, and faded away today.

Before these few weeks I didn't realise how heavy the head is. I don't think my brain is getting bigger from studying, but it certainly feels more difficult to support each day. Is that a legitimate medical condition? I don't know what to do with it - flex, extend, lateral flexion, neutral position. Sitting, it hurts. Lying down, on my back, on the side, on my face, it hurts. Hello insomnia. Maybe I need a thicker neck to hold up the mass of my growing head.

Time to see a chiro? Or a shrink?


Ziph said...

weak neck muscles?
i've stuffed my upper back/neck over the last few weeks from too much time on computer, cold weather and maybe lack of exercise.

see a chiro if you want horner's syndrome

Winnie said...

no ziph my brain is growing so that I can be smarter for the exams.

yeah too much sitting, procrastinating and studying & not enough sleep.

don't be so mean to chiros :P


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